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Hey there, buddies!

I’m Lorenzo Zorbetti! Ya know, it’s just a nickname, but it’s got that Italian ring to it, ’cause I’m head over heels for Italy’s history, culture, architecture, and food.

Though my roots trace back to Siberia, I now call Southeast Asia home. So I went to this fab place called the Kyiv International Culinary Academy, where I picked up some mad French pastry skills. But hey, I’m not just about France – I’m all in for Italian and Thai food too.

In my cozy little kitchen, equipped with your everyday pot, pan, and oven, I whip up all sorts of global grub. When I’m not cookin’, I’m on the hunt for top-notch recipes from pro chefs. I mean, there’s so much online junk out there that just leads to heartache and wasted grub. That’s why I’ve gotta step up and save the day, right?

And hey, I’m working on my English, so I can share all the mouthwatering goodness with the world and make our days a bit more zesty and delish.

So, peeps, come on over and join me at the Crispy Morsel blog! Lorenzo Zorbetti welcomes you with open arms!